• By: Angela Flemons

Oh How We Need the Light!

A few years ago while traveling from a family members' home to my hotel, I was able to navigate easily using my GPS. Over the next several days I drove back and forth from each location, of course during the daylight. Confidence set in and one day, I went back to my hotel at night. Guess what? My GPS system failed! I was in the DARK! Didn't know it could get that DARK!!!!! Didn't know were I was - I couldn't see and had no direction!! HELP!

In the dark we can lose our sense of direction. "Should I try to go back? No, I may drive into a ditch. Should I go forward? No, I may meet oncoming traffic." I called someone, turned on my internal lights and got the directions I needed! Have you ever been in a dark place - not knowing which way to go?

Life is full of dark places - where we don't know which way to turn or what we should do next. If you've ever been in a dark room and turned on the light, you would know that you could find the things you were looking for like your glasses or your shoes. Why? clarity, which means we can get a better understanding of what is before us.

LIGHT....reveals, helping us to see things that might have been there all along.

LIGHT....Illuminates to dispel the darkness and hopefully dispels the confusion we face.

This reminds me of a scripture.

"The Lord is my light and my salvation..." Psalms 27:1

This portion of scripture tells me a few things....

1. Light is available. What great news! When faced with darkness in my life, light is available for me to see. I don't have to stumble in the dark alone; I can receive revelation.

2. I know Who is the Light. This verse reads "THE LORD" is my light. Which mean we should not lean on ourselves to have the illumination or the revelation, nor family members, best friends, mates, etc. They can give "insight" which is to put sight in and that's great; we need that. However, God gives us true "sight" into our dark situation for there is nothing He cannot see and there is nothing He does not know.

3. How can the Lord be a Light? Since light illuminates and makes things clear and reveals. We can now say the Lord is my Illuminator and my Revealer. He is the source of my light. That's totally awesome!

4. This is Personal. The scripture says again The Lord is "MY" light. The pronoun my is emphasized which makes this personal. God will come into my situation, in my circumstance and shed light on it and reveal truth to me. He is not "a" light or "the" light. He is "MY" light. Hallelujah!

5. There's More to it! The word "AND" is a conjunction word. It conjoins two things together like, two words, two sentences, two phrases and make them operate as one. So, The Lord is my light "AND" my salvation. Yes, He is our revealer and illuminator, showing us things we didn't see before but in addition to that, at the same time, He is our Salvation!

6. The Original Avenger!!!! Salvation means to avenge, to save, to help, to rescue and deliver and so much more! God will not only shed light in our dark places but will also help us through it, avenge, and rescue US! Thank God for our rescuer and deliverer!

Our prayer is that as you are navigating a dark time in your life (bad news, a lawsuit, a business, ministry, health or personal challenge) that you will remember that God is there to reveal some things to you AND to help you through it.

Angela Flemons, President

Chosen Life International

Copyright 2018